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Tools allows to supervise the extension installed in the different slave sites and also to synchronize the install/uninstall between the websites and their dependencies.

This can be helpfull when you want to install a specific extension in several website in a single step.
The same is available to un-install extensions.

With this facility it is no more required to re-install the extension in the specific slave sites manually.

Components declared in Joomla Multiple Sites and User Sharing
Components name Install Share
Banners com_banners
Content com_content
Contact com_contact
Multi Sites com_multisites
Multi Sites Menu Item com_multisitesmenuitem
Multi Sites Articles sharing com_multisitescontent
News Feeds com_newsfeeds
Polls com_poll
URLs (weblinks) com_weblinks
Acajoom com_acajoom
AceSEF com_acesef
AdsManager com_adsmanager
Advanced Modules com_advancedmodules
AEC Subscription Manager com_acctexp
Agora Forum com_agora
ALFContact com_alfcontact
ALinkExchanger com_alinkexchanger
AlphaContent com_alphacontent
AlphaUserPoints com_alphauserpoints
Appointment Booking Pro v1.4x com_rsappt_pro14
AvReloaded com_avreloaded
Billets com_billets
BreezingForms com_facileforms
camelcitycontent2 com_camelcitycontent2
ccBoard com_ccboard
Chrono Comments com_chronocomments
Chrono Forms (Chrono contacts) com_chronocontact
Civi CRM com_civicrm
CK Forms com_ckforms
Communicator com_communicator
Communicator ACL com_community_acl
Community Builder com_comprofiler
Com-Properties com_properties
Content Templater com_contenttemplater
Custom Properties com_customproperties
DOCman com_docman
DT Menu com_dtmenu
DT Register com_dtregister
EventList com_eventlist
Events com_events
eXtplorer com_extplorer N/A
eWeather com_eweather
Fabrik com_fabrik
FAQ for Joomla! com_faq2win
FireBoard Forum com_fireboard
Front Page Plus com_frontpageplus N/A
Frontpage SlideShow com_fpslideshow
Gavick PhotoSlide GK2 com_gk2_photoslide
Glossary com_glossary
HD FLV Player com_hdflvplayer
Helpdesk com_helpdesk
Hot Property com_hotproperty
hwdCommentsFix com_hwdcommentsfix
hwdPhotoShare com_hwdphotoshare
hwdRevenueManager com_hwdrevenuemanager
hwdVideoShare com_hwdrevenuemanager
IDoBlog com_idoblog
Ignite Gallery com_igallery
iJoomla Ad Agency com_adagency
JCal Pro com_jcalpro YES
JCE com_jce
JComments com_jcomments
JConnect com_jconnect
JContentPlus com_jcontentplus YES
JEvents MVC com_jevents
JForms com_jforms
JFusion com_jfusion
Jobline com_jobline
Job Grok Listing com_jobgroklist
JomComment com_jomcomment
JomSocial com_community
Joom!Fish com_joomfish
JoomDOC com_joomdoc
JooMap com_joomap
JoomGallery com_joomgallery
Joomla Tags com_tag
JoomSEF com_sef
Joomla Advanced Message com_jam
JoomlaComment com_comment
Joomla Estate Agency com_jea
joomlaXplorer com_joomlaxplorer N/A
Joomla Pack com_joomlapack
JPortfolio com_jportfolio
JRE - Cache extended com_jrecache
J!Research com_jresearch
JTAG Presentation for Slidshare com_jtagpresentationforslidshare
Juga com_juga
Jumi com_jumi
JXtended Catalog com_catalog
JXtended Labels com_labels
K2 com_k2
Knowledgebase com_kb
Kunena Forum com_kunena
Leads Capture com_leadscapture
LyftenBloggie com_lyftenbloggie
Library Management com_jlibman
Linkr com_linkr
Mass content com_masscontent
Mobile Entertainment com_mobileentertainment
Mosets Tree com_mtree
My Blog com_myblog
NeoRecruit com_neorecruit
noix ACL com_noixacl
Pages and Items com_pi_pages_and_items
Phoca Gallery com_phocagallery
Phoca Guestbook com_phocaguestbook
Phoca Maps com_phocamaps
Phoca Restaurant Menu com_phocamenu
Phoca SEF com_phocasef
PollXT com_pollxt
Power Slide Pro com_powerslidepro
ProJoom Installer com_pjinstaller
Query Cache com_qcache
QuickFAQ com_quickfaq
RawContent com_rawcontent
Remository com_remository
ReReplacer com_rereplacer
RokCandy com_rokcandy
RokDownloads com_rokdownloads
RokModule com_rokmodule
RokQuickCart com_rokquickcart
Rquotes com_rquotes
RSFirewall com_rsfirewall
RSform!Pro com_rsform
RSSeo com_rsseo
Seminar com_seminar
sh404SEF com_sh404sef
Shipseeker com_shipseeker
Smart Flash Header com_novasfh
SmartSEF com_smartsef
SmartSite com_smartsite
SMF 2.x Bridge com_smf
SOBI 2 com_sobi2
swMenuPro com_swmenupro
Tag Meta com_tagmeta
Taxonomy (Zaragoza) com_taxonomy
uddeIM com_uddeim
Versions com_versions
VirtueMart com_virtuemart
WATicketSystem com_waticketsystem
WordPress mu com_wpmu
Xmap com_xmap
Zoo com_zoo
Modules declared in Joomla Multiple Sites and User Sharing
Modules title name Install Share
Custom HTML mod_custom
Feed Display mod_feed
Latest News mod_latest
Login mod_login
Logged in Users mod_logged
Admin Menu mod_menu
Popular Items mod_popular
Items Stats mod_stats
User Status mod_status
Admin Submenu mod_submenu
Title mod_title
Acajoom Module mod_acajoom
AEC Module mod_acctexp
Active Groups mod_activegroups
Activity Stream mod_activitystream
Ad Agency Menu mod_adagency_menu
Ad Agency Remote mod_adagency_remote
Ad Agency Zone mod_adagency_zone
Add to Menu mod_addtomenu
AdsManager Ads mod_adsmanager_ads
AdsManager Menu mod_adsmanager_menu
AdsManager Search mod_adsmanager_search
General button on control panel mod_aupadmin
AllVideos Reloaded mod_avreloaded
Open Support Tickets mod_billets_open
ImageSlideShow mod_briaskISS
Cache Cleaner mod_cachecleaner
Catalog - Categories mod_catalog_categories
Catalog - Category Cloud mod_catalog_category_cloud
Catalog - Comparison mod_catalog_comparison
Catalog - Items (Nodes) mod_catalog_nodes
Catalog - Rated Items (Nodes) mod_catalog_rated_nodes
CB Login mod_cblogin
CB PB Latest mod_cbpblatest
Core Design Login module mod_cd_login
CKforms Form Display mod_ckforms
Communicator Subscribe Module mod_communicatorsubscribe
Community ACL Menu mod_commacl_mainmenu
Community ACL Admin Menu mod_commacl_menu
Dating Search mod_datingsearch
DT Menu module mod_dtmenu
DT Register Upcoming Events mod_dt_upcoming_event
Fabrik form mod_fabrik_form
Fabrik table mod_fabrik_table
FLEXIcontent Tag Cloud mod_flexitagcloud
Frontend-User-Access mod_frontend_user_access
Frontpage SlideShow mod_fpslideshow
Gavick News Image I mod_gk_news_image_1
Gavick News Image III mod_gk_news_image_3
Gavick News Image VI mod_gk_news_image_6
googleWeather mod_googleWeather
HDFLV Player mod_hdflvplayer
Hello Me mod_hellome
Hot Property - Agents mod_hotproperty_agents
Hot Property - Companies mod_hotproperty_companies
Hot Property - Feed mod_hotproperty_feed
Hot Property - Manage mod_hotproperty_manage
Hot Property - Properties mod_hotproperty_properties
Hot Property - Search mod_hotproperty_search
Hot Property - Types mod_hotproperty_types
Video Categories mod_hwd_vs_categories
Video Search mod_hwd_vs_search
Videos mod_hwd_vs_sql_datalists
Video Tags mod_hwd_vs_sql_tags
hwdVideoShare Template Selector mod_hwd_vs_template_selector
Video Charts mod_hwd_vs_xml_datalists
Video Playlist mod_hwd_vs_xml_vplaylist
JA Content Slider mod_ja_contentslide
JA Slideshow2 mod_jaslideshow2
JCal Pro Latest Events mod_jcalpro_latest_J15
JCal Pro Mini-calendar mod_jcalpro_minical_J15
JCE Admin Control Panel mod_jcequickicon
JComments Latest mod_jcomments
JComments Latest Backend mod_jcomments_latest_backend
JConnect Activity Module mod_jconnect_activity
JContentPlus mod_jcontentplus
JContentPlus - Calendar mod_jcontentplus_calendar
JContentPlus - Latest news mod_jcontentplus_latestnews
JContentPlus - Most read mod_jcontentplus_mostread
JContentPlus - Random content mod_jcontentplus_random_content
JContentPlus - Related Items mod_jcontentplus_related
JContentPlus - Search mod_jcontentplus_search
J!Analytics mod_janalytics
JoomFish-Language Selection mod_jflanguageselection
JFusion Activity Module mod_jfusion_activity
JFusion Login Module mod_jfusion_login
JFusion User Activity Module mod_jfusion_user_activity
JFusion Whos Online Module mod_jfusion_whosonline
JobGrok Postings mod_jobgroklistpostings
JomSocial Connect mod_jomsocialconnect
JoomDOC Latest Downloads mod_joomdoc_latestdown
JoomDOC Most Downloaded mod_joomdoc_mostdown
JoomlaPack Backup Notification Module mod_jpadmin
Jumi mod_jumi
JX Woopra mod_jxwoopra
K2 Comments mod_k2_comments
K2 Content mod_k2_content
K2 Login mod_k2_login
K2 Tools mod_k2_tools
Latest Comments mod_chronocomments
Labels - Label Cloud mod_labels_cloud
Labels - Label List mod_labels_list
Labels - Related Content mod_labels_related_content
Labels Manager mod_labels_manager
Labels Status mod_labels_status
Latest Discussion mod_latestdiscussion
Latest group walls mod_latestgroupwalls
Latest Members mod_latestmembers
Latest Tags mod_latestTags
Menu noix mod_mainmenu_noix
MiniFrontPage Module for J! 15 mod_minifrontpage
Most Popular Tags mod_mostPopularTags
Most Read Tags mod_mostReadTags
Myblog Latest Entry mod_myblog_latest
Myblog Latest Entry with Introtext mod_myblog_latestintro
Online Users mod_onlineusers
Photo Comments mod_photocomments
PollXT Module mod_pollxt
Power Slide Pro Display Module mod_powerslidepro
QuickFAQ Module mod_quickfaq
RawContent Module mod_rawcontent
Remository multi-purpose module mod_remositorymulti
Remository Total Downloads mod_remositorytotal
Remove Mootools 11 mod_removemootools11
RokAjaxSearch mod_rokajaxsearch
Rokdownloads Latest Downloads mod_rokdownloads_latest
RokDownloads Most Downloaded mod_rokdownloads_most_downloaded
Rokdownloads Recently Updated mod_rokdownloads_recent_updates
RokNavMenu mod_roknavmenu
RokNewsPager mod_roknewspager
RokSlideshow mod_rokslideshow
RokStories mod_rokstories
RokTabs mod_roktabs
RokTwittie mod_roktwittie
Rquotes Module mod_rquotes
RSFirewall! Cpanel Module mod_rsfirewall
RSForm! Pro Module mod_rsform
RSform!Pro Frontend List mod_rsform_list
Seminar Module mod_seminar
Session Meter mod_sestimer
ShipSeeker Module mod_shipseeker
Simple Mp3 Bar mod_simplemp3bar
sjsb ssi mod_smfssi
Smart Flash Header mod_novasfh
JomSocial Statistics mod_statistics
Superfish Menu mod_superfishmenu
swMenuPro Module mod_swmenupro
Tag Cloud mod_tagcloud
Top Members mod_topmembers
Direct Translation mod_translate
Video Comments mod_videocomments
VirtueMart Module mod_virtuemart
VirtueMart All-In-One mod_virtuemart_allinone
VirtueMart Shopping Cart mod_virtuemart_cart
VirtueMart Currency Selector mod_virtuemart_currencies
VirtueMart Featured Products mod_virtuemart_featureprod
VirtueMart Latest Products mod_virtuemart_latestprod
VirtueMart Login mod_virtuemart_login
VirtueMart Manufacturers mod_virtuemart_manufacturers
VirtueMart Product Categories mod_product_categories
VirtueMart Product Scroller mod_productscroller
Email Reminders for ABPro and RBPro mod_sv_reminders
SMS Reminders for ABPro mod_sv_reminders_sms
VirtueMart Random Products mod_virtuemart_randomprod
VirtueMart Search mod_virtuemart_search
VirtueMart Top Ten Products mod_virtuemart_topten
Vinaora Visitors Counter mod_vvisit_counter
Zaragoza Clouds mod_zonline_cloud
Zoo Item mod_zooitem
Zoo Menu mod_zoomenu
Plugins declared in Joomla Multiple Sites and User Sharing
Plugins title name Install Share
Authentication - Community ACL authentication/community_acl
Authentication - GMail authentication/gmail
Authentication - jfusion authentication/jfusion
Authentication - OpenID authentication/openid
Authentication - SJSB authentication/sjsb_authentication
Billets - Avatar (AMBRA) billets/avatarambra
Billets - Avatar (CB) billets/avatarcb
Billets - Avatar (FB) billets/avatarfb
Billets - Display AMBRA.Subscriptions billets/ambrasubs
Billets - Emails billets/emails
Billets - Feedback History billets/feedbackhistory
Billets - Feedback Statistics billets/feedbackstats
Billets - For Follow-up billets/forfollowup
Billets - Frequents billets/frequents
Billets - Google Translate billets/googletranslate
Billets - Menu billets/menu
Billets - Open Tickets billets/opentickets
Billets - Reply Above Line billets/replyaboveline
Billets - Respond By Email system/respondbyemail
Billets - Tools - Check Installation billets/checkinstallation
Billets - Tools - Purge Old Files billets/purgeoldfiles
community - Fabrik community/fabrik
Contacts - Leads Capture contact/contactsandleadscapture
Content - All Weblinks content/all_weblinks
Content - AllVideos Reloaded content/avreloaded
Content - MyBlog Azrul Video Mambot content/azvideobot
Content - ChronoComments content/ChronoComments
Content - ChronoContact content/chronocontact
Content - CKforms Form Display content/ckforms
Content - DefinitionBot content/definitionbot
Content - Fabrik content/fabrik
Content - Code Hightlighter (GeSHi) content/geshi
Content - googleWeather content/googleWeather
Content - Email Cloaking content/emailcloak
Google Maps content/plugin_googlemap2
Content - JComments content/jcomments
Content - JIncludes content/JIncludes
Content - JForm Embedder content/jforms
Content - JFusion Discussion Bot content/jfusion
Content - Jom Comment content/jom_comment_bot
Content - JResearch Persistent Cited Records content/jresearch_persistent_cited_records
Content - Linkr content/linkr_content
Content - Load Module content/loadmodule
Content - RSForm! Pro content/mosrsform
Content - Optimizer content/contentoptimizer
Content - Phoca Gallery content/phocagallery
Content - DT Register EventLink content/plug_dtregister
pure css tooltip content/purecsstooltip
Content - RokDownloads Link content/rokdownload
Content - AlphaUserPoints - Content content/sysplgaup_content
Content - AlphaUserPoints - Raffle Registration content/sysplgaup_raffle
Content - AlphaUserPoints - Reader to author content/sysplgaup_reader2author
Content - Tags content/tags
Content - Version content/version
Content - Zaragoza Tags content/zaragozatags
Editor - JoomlaFCK editors/fckeditor
Editor Button - AddTags editors-xtd/addTags
Editor Button - AllVideos Reloaded editors-xtd/avreloaded
Editor Button - Content Templater editors-xtd/contenttemplater
Editor Button - Fabrik editors-xtd/fabrik
Editor Button - Image editors-xtd/image
Editor Button - JoomDOC Link editors-xtd/joomdoclink
Editor Button - JResearch Automatic Bibliography Generation editors-xtd/jresearch_automatic_bibliography_generation
Editor Button - JResearch Automatic Citation editors-xtd/jresearch_automatic_citation
Editor Button - Linkr editors-xtd/linkr_button
Editor Button - Modules Anywhere editors-xtd/modulesanywhere
Editor Button - Pagebreak editors-xtd/pagebreak
Editor Button - RawContent editors-xtd/rawcontent
Editor Button - Readmore editors-xtd/readmore
Editor Button - RokCandy editors-xtd/rokcandy_button
Editor Button - RokDownload Link editors-xtd/rokdownload
Button - Versioning editors-xtd/versioning
User - Joomla! user/joomla
User - AlphaUserPoints - New user user/sysplgaup_newregistered
MultiSites bridge for VirtueMart multisites/virtuemart
AlphaContentSys system/alphacontent
AlphaContent content/alphacontent
Authentication - jfusion authentication/jfusion
User - Jfusion user/jfusion
Community - Allvideo community/allvideo
Community - Eventlist community/eventlist
Community - Feeds community/feeds
Community - My fireboard updates community/fireboard
Community - Friend's Location community/friendslocation
Community - Groups community/groups
Community - Input Processor community/input
Community - Invite community/invite
Community - JomComment community/jomcomment
Content - Jumi content/jumi
Community - My kunena updates community/kunena
Community - Latest Photos community/latestphoto
Community - My Articles community/myarticles
Community - MyBlog community/myblog
Community - MyBlog Toolbar community/myblogtoolbar
Community - My Contacts community/mycontacts
Community - My Google Ads community/mygoogleads
Community - Nice Talk community/nicetalk
Community - Seyret community/seyret
Community - System community/system
Community - My twitter updates community/twitter
Community - Walls community/walls
Community - Wordfilter community/wordfilter
Content - Add Article Activity content/articleactivity
Content - Author Link content/authorLink
Content - Contentacroynm content/contentacroynm
JCalPro Latest Events plugin content/bot_jcalpro_latest_events
Content - JComments content/jcomments.content
Content - Jfalternative content/jfalternative
Content - Labels content/labels
Content - Pages and Items content/pages_and_items
Content - JContentPlus content/jcontentplus
Content - RawContent content/rawcontent
Content - RokBox content/rokbox
Editor Button - JComments OFF editors-xtd/jcommentsoff
Button - JContentPlus editors-xtd/jcontentplus
Button - Xmap Link editors-xtd/xmaplink
Hotproperty - Gallery hotproperty/gallery
JAM - Template - Simple jamtemplate/simple
JComments - Avatar jcomments/jcomments.avatar
Joomfish - Missing_translation joomfish/missing_translation
Mosets - Framework mosets/framework
RokNavMenu - Boost roknavmenu/boost
RokNavMenu - Extended Link roknavmenu/extendedlink
Search - Catalog search/catalog
Search - Categories search/categories
Search - Communicator search/communicator
Search - Fabrik search/fabrik
Search - Hot Property search/hotproperty
JCal Pro Search plugin search/bot_jcalpro_search
Search - JComments search/jcomments
Search - JComments search/
Search - JContentPlus Categories search/jcontentplus_categories
Search - JContentPlus Content search/jcontentplus
Search - JContentPlus Sections search/jcontentplus_sections
Search - Jfcategories search/jfcategories
Search - Jfcontacts search/jfcontacts
Search - Jfcontent search/jfcontent
Search - JFjoomDOC search/jfjoomdoc
Search - JoomDOC search/joomdoc
Search - Jfnewsfeeds search/jfnewsfeeds
Search - Jfsections search/jfsections
Search - JFusion search/jfusion
Search - JResearch search/jresearch
Search - RokDownloads search/rokdownloads
Search - Searchkb search/searchkb
Search - Sections search/sections
Search - Jfweblinks search/jfweblinks
Search - K2 search/k2
Search - Newsfeeds search/newsfeeds
Search - SearchTags search/searchTags
Search - Zaragoza Tags search/zaragozatags
Search - Zoo search/zoosearch
sh404sef similar urls plugin sh404sefcore/sh404sefsimilarurls
System - AceSE system/acesef
System - AdminBar Docker system/adminbardocker
System - Advanced Modules system/advancedmodules
System - AEC ErrorHandler system/aecerrorhandler
System - AEC Routing system/aecrouting
System - AlphaUserPoints system/alphauserpoints
System - AllVideos Reloaded system/avreloaded
System - BetterPreview system/betterpreview
System - Cache Cleaner system/cachecleaner
System - Community ACL system/community_acl
System - Debug system/debug
System - DT Menu system/dtmenu.system
System - Fabrik Sheduled Tasks system/fabrikcron
System - JComments system/jcomments
System - JCE Utilities system/jceutilities
System - JComments system/jcomments.system
JConnect ExApp Connector API system/jconnect
System - JContentPlus RAW system/jcontentplus_raw
System - Jfdatabase system/jfdatabase
System - Jfrouter system/jfrouter
System - JFusion system/jfusion
System - Jomsocial Facebook Connect system/jomsocialconnect
System - Jom Comment Sys system/jom_commentsys_bot
System - JXtended Libraries system/jxtended
System - ARTIO JoomSEF system/joomsef
System - JResearch Load Cited Records system/jresearch_load_cited_records
System - jSecure Authentication system/jsecure
System - Jumi Router system/jumirouter
System - K2_joomfish system/k2_joomfish
System - K2_user system/k2_user
System - Labels system/labels
System - Media Object system/mediaobject
System - Modules Anywhere system/modulesanywhere
System - Mootools system/mootools
MultiSites ID plugin system/multisitesid
System - noixACL system/noixacl
System - NoNumber! Elements system/nonumberelements
System - OptimizeTables system/optimizetables
System - ReReplacer system/rereplacer
System - RokBox system/rokbox
System - RokCandy system/rokcandy_system
System - RokModuleOrder system/rokmoduleorder
System - RokGZipper system/rokgzipper
System - RSFirewall system/rsfirewall
System - RSForm! Pro system/rsform
System - RSForm!Pro Mapping system/rsfpmappings
System - RSForm!Pro Migration system/rsfpmigration
System - Rsfpgoogle system/rsfpgoogle
System - Rsfprecaptcha system/rsfprecaptcha
System - Rsfprsevents system/rsfprsevents
System - Rsmail_rsformpro_subscription system/rsmail_rsformpro_subscription
System - Rsseo system/rsseo
System - SEF system/sef
System - SJSB sessions fixer system/sjsb_sessions
Search Replace system/sr2win
System - sh404sef system/shsef
System - Tag Meta system/tagmeta
System - TagSef system/tagSef
System - Wibiya Toolbar system/wibiya
System - xAJAX system/xajax
User - AEC authorization Access user/aecaccess
User - AEC User user/aecuser
User Registration Community AC user/community_acl
User - Jfusion user/jfusion
User - K2 user/k2
User - Hot Property user/hotproperty
User - Huru Helpdesk - User Sync user/huruhelpdesk_user_sync
User - JComments user/jcomments
User - JConnect User Plugin user/jconnect
User - noixACL user/noixacl
User - SJSB user/sjsb_user
XML-RPC - JContentPlus API xmlrpc/jcontentplus
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