Is it possible to get a trial version of Joomla Multi Sites Print

NO, a trial version of JMS is not available.
It is not possible to create a special JMS that will not provide all the functionalities or give the full functionalities for a limited period of time.
As this is a component developped in PHP, it is difficult to protect this code. Event with obfuscation.

To help you have a better idea on how JMS is working, you have different video present in the tutorial that illustrate some cases:

  • Tutorial Step 0 present the concept of joomla multisite
  • Tutorial step 9 present how to create a slave site into a sub-directory of the master website.
  • Tutorial step 13 present how to create a slave site from the front-end.
    It uses the "website template" to define the replicate rules that must be applied to create the new slave sites.

For people that want to test this component, we have a "demo" website that can be used on case by case basis to test the installation of specific extensions.
We give the administrator password to the potential customer that have doubt concerning the installation of some extensions.
As there is only one demo environment and we have to reset it each time a new customer want to test his specific extension, this explain why we deliver the login and password for a limited period of time and on case by case basis.

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