How to install Joobi JSetup in a slave site Print

Joobi JSetup is an extension encrypted with IonCube.


The installation of this extension into a slave site is not easy due to the way this extension is working and due to its encryption.

We have identified a method to re-install it into a slave site.

JMS does allow to re-install the extension into a slave site because JSetup delete its temporary component that is used for the installation.
Therefore JMS refuse to re-isntall it into a slave site because it does not find it in the master website.

The procedure consist in a partial installation of JSetup in the master website to let the JSetup temporary installation component "Joobi Installer" remaining on the master website.
So you install JSetup in the master website and stop when it ask you accept the license and click on "next" button to complete the installation.


Once you have the "Joobi Installer" present in the master website, you can now re-install JSetup in a slave site.

If will ask you again to accept the license and click on the next button.

Once you have installed JSetup in the slave site, the result will be that JSetup will delete on the disk the "joobi installer" that will cause your master website not able to use it anymore. At this moment, you can Uninstall "joobi installer" in the master website and re-install it for another slave site.


When you will try re-isntall again the JSetup in a second slave site, JSetup will detect that some files are already present on the disk and will propose you to un-install them for your current slave site (ie slave no 2). You can un-install them and re-install just after.

When done, you will have a second slave site installed with JSetup.


You have to repeat the master "joobi installer" uninstallation and partial re-installation to allow re-install JSetup in each slave site.

Last Updated on Friday, 14 August 2009 10:40