How to keep 'jos_' table prefix for the master and slave sites Print

Keep 'jos_' table prefix for the websites is possible when only one site uses this database.
When one or more slave sites share the same database, the 'jos_' table prefix CAN NOT be used because all the users present in the jos_users are deleted during the installation of a slave site. (Whatever the table prefix chosen during the installation procedure).

Some person wants to install Joomla Multi Sites on an existing websites that is already installed using the 'jos_' table as prefix.
This is possible if ALL the slave sites are installed using one or multiple databases other than the master site database.

In that case, the slave sites will use diffrerent table prefix and never use the 'jos_' table prefix.
As any 'jos_' table is present in the slave database, there is no risk to delete the jos_users present in the slave database.
If you want to keep 'jos_' table prefix for the slave sites, you will have to create as many slave database than there are slave sites.

In conclusion, each time you want to use 'jos_' as table prefix for a website, this website must be alone to use this database.
When you share a same database for multiple website, you can NEVER use 'jos_' table prefix to prevent the jos_users record deletion during the installation of a slave site.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 August 2008 14:44