Version 1.3.0 - beta 4: Fix bugs in beta3 Print

Jms multisite for joomla version 1.3.0 beta 4 fixes several issues identified in the beta 3

Jms multisites All Editions

  • Fix the "Set Language" that may result by display "**" arround each label.
  • Remove a PHP warning on multisites_patch.cfg-dist
  • Fix bug introduced in JMS 1.3.0 concerning compatibility with the "Article Sharing" and the other JMS extension
    Remove the "static" for the JFactory2Win::import() to allow that $this exists. Otherwise it is not defined.
    This generate a "PHP Strict" message that is normal.
  • Remove plenty of "PHP Strict" message by adding "static" on function declaration when possible.
  • Fix in the "manage site" the "refreshing" of template values and also give the possibility to simply replicate the master when there is no templates at all (case of a light or low-cost edition).
  • Revamp the code to prepare a future "light" or "low-cost" edition that will just be able to create fresh slave site and replicate the master.

Jms multisites Full Edition

  • Fix front-end layout name computation when there are parameters (case of future Bridge for VM2)
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