Version 1.2.2 : Add the possibility to install "core" plugins witth JMS tools Print
  • Give the possibility to also install a "core" plugin into the JMS tools.
    This new feature is helpful when some extension add "core" plugins to Joomla and that must also be installed or propagate into websites using the JMS Tools.
    This new functionality is added because required by the Joomla Knowledgebase extension that add a core "ajax" plugin into Joomla.
  • Bundled with Patch Definition 1.2.5 that add the definition of several extension for the JMS Tools and sharing.
    Add (install) definitions for :
    - AEC Subscription Manager, Joomla Knowledgebase, QuickFAQ, uddeIM, Xmap
    Add sharing definition for:
    - AEC Subscription Manager, Joomla Knowledgebase