Version 1.2.86: Add several site alias keywords Print
Enhance Jms Multisite for joomla 1.2.86 to:
  • Add keywords {site_alias_left}, {site_alias_left_alnum}, {site_alias_right}, {site_alias_right-X},
  • Give to the front-end, the possibility to read the "module" parameters instead of the component parameters.
    This allow using the "Multisties Create Site Module" module parameters
  • Add the possibility to send the email notification to a specific "to email address".
  • Compute the subject email and body email with additional keyword to allow using the {site_alias}
  • Autorize to set an email address into the front-end {site_alias} field.
  • Allow customizing the redirect URL (on success or on error) with additional keyword and now {site_id} is allowed in the url. We also added special keyword such as {task_referer} and in case of error the {error_code}.
    The {task_referer} generally contain the value "saveSlave"
    The {error_code} generally contain the value "SITE_ID_EXISTS"


Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 April 2012 16:37