Patch Version 1.2.4 : Add new install and sharing defintion Print

In this patches definition update, we have added a check on the JMS version and patches version in aim to inform the user to update the JMS kernel when receiving this Patches definition 1.2.4 with a JMS version prior the 1.2.0 stable.


Also Add the "install" definitions in the JMS Tools for the extension:
- AlphaUserPoints, civiCRM, Content Templater, FrontpagePlus, JContentPlus, Mosets Tree, noixACL, ReReplacer

Add the sharing definition for the extensions:
- AlphaUserPoints, Custom Properties, JContentPlus, K2, Kunena Forum, MisterEstate, Mosets Tree, Noix ACL


When receiving the message to get the latest version, you can go in our website to receive the latest JMS version.
You can install the new JMS version over the current one.