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Joomla Multi Sites
Joomla Multi Sites is a native component for Joomla 1.5 that allows sharing the same Joomla installation and have multiple configuration files.

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“Multi Sites Menu Item” is a component that allow creating a menu from a website that is associated to another menu item in another website.
With “Multi Sites Menu”, you can for example have a corporate website that have menu entries that correspond to sub-site menu entries. This allow you to have a cross-site menu and let each website modify their parameters without having to replicate the URL to each website that reference them.
The referenced menu item can be modified without affecting the “Multi Sites Menu” entry as this component retreive each time the current menu definition of the target website.

This component require “Joomla Multi Sites” version 1.1.5 or higher to get the slave site definition and their configuration.

The “Multi Site Menu” definition consist in selecting a slave site with its “Site ID” and next select the target menu item of this slave site.
“Multi Site Menu” will create you a new entry in your current website that will redirect the user to the corresponding target.
“Multi Site Menu” uses the first domain name defined in JMS that correspond to the “Site ID” and rebuilt dynamically the real URL based on current menu definition.

Meeting Schedule user's manual.

Meeting Schedule allows you proposing several dates for a meeting and see which is the best date to finally organize your meeting.

This user's manual show how to install the extension and provide screenshot to help the users in the configuration.

Meeting Schedule works under Joomla 3.x


Manuel Utilisateur de l'extension Meeting Schedule.

Meeting Schedule est une extension qui vous permet de proposer plusieurs dates pour une réunion et de voir celle qui récolte le plus grand suffrage.

Ce manuel utilisateur vous montre comment installer "Meeting Schedule" mais aussi comment configurer le composant avec l'aide de copie écran.

Meeting Schedule fonctionne uniquement sous Joomla 3.x

Il ne fonctionne pas avec Joomla 2.5.x


Joomla Multi Sites - Articles Sharing user's manual.

This is an extension provide a set of new menu type "Multi Sites articles sharing" that works like the standard joomla menu type "Artilces".

This user's manual show how to install the extension and provide screenshot of the different menu types available.

This component require the extension Joomla Multi Sites version 1.1.5 or higher

file icon How to get the latest versionhot!Tooltip 02/17/2011 Hits: 3258

This document describe how to get the latest version of the products that you have purchased.

  • Start by login on jms2win to get access to your personal account menu.
  • When the captcha is wrong during the login , you are redirected to another login form where you can enter again the login information.
  • Select the menu item « Get Latest Version » that is present in your personal account menu that is located in the eShop button located in the right of the top menu or which is located in bottom of page.
  • Enable the check box to select the products for which you want to get a new download ID corresponding to the latest version.
    To receive the email with the new download ID, click on the « Get Latest Version » button present in top right of the page.
  • You should see a message with the email address where the download ID is sent. If you don’t have this message, retry the operation.
  • You should receive an email like this one with a link to the download area or you can go manually in the download area and enter the download ID that is provided in the email. This will give you the download of the product.
  • To download the product, click on the « start download » button.
  • Save the product on your local disk to keep your own copy.
You also have a video that show how to proceed to get the latest version
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