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Version 1.3.42: Add joomla 3.4.0 compatiblity PDF Print E-mail

Jms multisite for joomla version 1.3.42

Mainly add the compatibilty with Joomla 3.4.0..
Prior version of JMS may crash the Joomla 3.4 when they install the patches 1.3.37 or lower.
In addition, the new Joomla 3.4.0 changed the installation and the name of the manifest file that had cause issue in JMS to apply the correct patches version.
Therefore, it is strongly advised to install JMS 1.3.42 or higher before updating to Joomla 3.4.0

Bundled with Patches definition 1.3.38

  • Add patches for compatibility with Joomla 3.4.0
  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - JUX Gallery
  • Update Joomla 2.5, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 sharing definition for:
    - EasySocial partial sharing on profile type, group categories, event categories
  • Add Joomla 3.4 sharing definition that start with a copy of the J3.3 one


Version 1.3.41: Add JomRes partial property sharing PDF Print E-mail

Jms multisite for joomla - All editions

  • Fix Joomla 3.3 compatiblity when the JMS debug is enabled.
  • Improve the detection of the master extension version when re-installing an extension from a slave site and that several manifest file is detected.
    In this case, JMS selects the manifest file that has the higher version number.
  • Fix a Joomla/aJmooL 1.5 PHP Fatal error when re-installing a plugin from the slave site.
  • Improve the maintenance automatic detection in case where extension use a version number composed on more than 3 parts (ie.


Bundled with Patches definition 1.3.37

  • Update core multisites to always compute Geo-Localisation even when not used to identify a slave site.
    This give the opportunity to thrid parties extensions to use the Geo-Localisation for their processing.
    ie. hikainvoices.com use it to determine the customer Geo-Localisation in application of European Tax rules 2015 (MOSS)
    It also converts the MaxMind region code into region name to help in MOSS tax state matching.
  • Update Joomla 2.5, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 sharing definition for:
    - Hikashop to add the filtering on the order when the Site ID is present


Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 January 2015 11:17
Version 1.3.40: Add JomRes partial property sharing PDF Print E-mail

Jms multisite for joomla version 1.3.40 (All editions)

  • Fix the pagination under J3.2+ to allow displaying the limit counter per page available.
    Applied on the "manage site", "template" and "maintenance" menus but also on front-end list of slave sites.
  • Add the pagination in the footer of the "maintenance" menu .
  • Fix a PHP Fatal error that may happen in the "maintenance" menu when the connection to the slave site DB fails or is invalid.
  • Remove some PHP Strict messages that may occurs when displaying the list of JMS templates and displaying the toolbar.
  • The "check for update" does not work anymore due to a bug introduced by Joomla recently.
    This affect both Joomla 2.5 and 3.3
    We proposed a fix that can be retreived at


Bundled with Patches definition 1.3.36

  • Update Joomla 2.5 sharing definition for:
    - JomRes : add partial sharing of the properties
  • Update Joomla 3.1 sharing definition for:
    - HikaShop : add partial sharing for the prices and taxations
  • Update Joomla 3.3 sharing definition for:
    - JomRes : add partial sharing of the properties


Last Updated on Saturday, 29 November 2014 14:28
Version 1.3.39: Add RS Appintment Booking, FlippingBook and Virtue Affiliate PDF Print E-mail

Jms multisites for joomla version 1.3.39 All editions

Ensure in the "maintenance" menu that each SQL statement ends with a ";" to make them valid when copied (concatanated) into the "Free SQL" field.

Jms multisite for joomla Full editions

Fix the installation of JMS layout under Joomla 3.3.

Bundled with Patches definition 1.3.35

  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - RS Appointment Booking Pro 2
    - FlippingBook
    - Virtue Affiliate
  • Add Joomla 2.5 sharing definition for:
    - Virtue Affiliate
  • Add Joomla 3.3 sharing definition for:
    - FlippingBook


Version 1.3.38: add eDocMan, VikBooking extensions PDF Print E-mail

Jms multisite for joomla version 1.3.38 (All editions)

Improve the "maintenance" menu to:

  • Fix the MySQL statement that rebuild the sharing of table when the structure of a table is modified.
  • Add the detection of the "max_input_vars" to see if the form display could exceed the maximum number of fields in a form allowed by the server.
    In this case, display a warning message to let the user know that some limitation may cause the processing of the action partially executed (not all fields received).
    The estimated number of fields in the form of the maintenance menu is:
    Nb Sites * (1 + (Nb extensions per site * 3))
    For example, a default cPanel/WHM installation has a max_input_vars=1000 that is very small when you have a large number of websites and extensions


Bundled with Patches definition 1.3.34

  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - Edocman
    - JEvents RSVP Pro
    - VikBooking
  • Add Joomla 3.3 sharing definition for:
    - Edocman
    - VikBooking


Last Updated on Monday, 27 October 2014 19:07
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