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Change log Version 1.2.x
Version 1.2.72: Add Joomla 2.5.0 stable compatibility PDF Print E-mail

This Jms Multisite version contain the compatibility with Joomla 2.5.0 stable and is also bundled with the Patches definition 1.2.76 that:

  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - Update JCalcPro for version 3
    - RokGallery
Version 1.2.71: Add Joomla 2.5.0 beta 1 compatibility PDF Print E-mail

Joomla 2.5 beta 1 compatibility

  • Include the Joomla 2.5 installation
  • Include patches and restore files.

Joomla 1.7 compatibility

  • Fix the JMS Layout installation
  • Fix the Expiration date selection

Bundled with Patches definition 1.2.75

  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - JINC
    - jomDirectory
    - JPlaces
    - Mad Blanks
    - SuperEvents
    - Ticketlib Event Manager
    - V-Portfolio
    - WebServices VirtueMart
  • Add Joomla 1.5 sharing definition for:
    - V-Portfolio
  • Add Joomla 1.7 sharing definition for:
    - V-Portfolio
  • Add Joomla 2.5 sharing definition for:
    - Initial version is a copy of the Joomla 1.7 sharing
Version 1.2.70 : Add definition for Event Registration Pro, JBolo, PayPlan and others PDF Print E-mail

Jms Multi Sites update:

- Fix "Elements compatibility" declaration to ensure that Joomla class are defined when called from Ajax.
- Verify that DB connection exists when computing the Admin user combo box (helper).
This avoid a Fatal Error when displaying the Front-End website creation on a template that has lost its DB (or slave site).

Bundled with Patch definition 1.2.74

  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - Multisites Create Site module
    - Multisites Custom HTML
    - Accordion Menu for Joomla 1.7
    - Cassrina Slideshow Flo CSF6
    - Fix civiCRM
    - DJ-Image Slider
    - Fix DT Register definition
    - EasyCalcCheck PLUS
    - Event Registration Pro
    - JBolo
    - JB Login 2
    - JB MicroBlog
    - JV Framework
    - PayPlan
    - Superfish Menu (JT)
  • Add Joomla 1.5 sharing definition for:
    - Event Registration Pro
Last Updated on Friday, 16 December 2011 10:25
Version 1.2.69 : Add joomla 1.7 sharing definitions for Ads Manager, JV-Link Directory, Paid System and RSForm PDF Print E-mail

Updated the JMS multisite core to:

  • Add a new type of parameter to allow retreiving all the domains present in all the slave site.
    This new type is used by the "Multisites Single Sign In for domain" plugin.
  • Extends the "multisiteslayout" with the possibility to get layouts from any directories.
  • Also make the possibility to access low level API from module or plugins.
  • Add the possibility to get "Product Information" when using "Billable website" creation.
  • Fix the computation of the complex view when there is a "from" word present in the view to replicate.
    Now search for the " FROM " (with space) to avoid confusion with field 'fromname', 'fromemail' used by acymailing.
  • Bundled with Joomla 1.7.3 installation files.

Bundled with Patch definition 1.2.73

  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - Multisites Single Sign In for domains
    - Ads Manager modules,
    - Mobile Joomla modules,
    - Mobile Joomla modules,
    - Paidsystem
    - ParaInvite
    - Profile URL
    - SocialAds
    - Zoo modules
  • Add Joomla 1.7 sharing definition for:
    - Ads Manager
    - JV-LinkDirectory
    - Paid System
    - RS Form
Version 1.2.68 : Add definition of Easyblog, JWallpaper, VirtueMart 2.0 PDF Print E-mail

This JMS multisite version for joomla is bundled with Joomla 1.7.2 installation files.

It is Bundled with Patch definition 1.2.72:

  • Fix a patch for compatibility with sh404SEF 2.2.3 under joomla 1.5 to allow saving the configuration with the wrapper present.ยต
  • Fix a patch for Mobile Joomla 1.0 RC4
  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - iProperty (j1.7)
    - EasyBlog Modules and plugins (3.0)
    - JWallpapers,
    - JWallpapers PM
    - VirtueMart 2.0
  • Add Joomla 1.5 sharing definition for:
    - JWallpapers,
    - VirtueMart 2.0
  • Add Joomla 1.7 sharing definition for:
    - JWallpapers,
    - VirtueMart 2.0

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