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Change log Version 1.3.x
Version 1.3.85: Fix a JMS Patch for PHP 8.x compatibility PDF Print E-mail

Bundled with Patches definition 1.3.76


  • Propagate the fix in the "defines_multisites.php" for Joomla 4 and PHP 8 to all Joomla 1.5 till 3.10 to remove a JMS Patches "warning" with those older versions
  • Fix a PHP 8.x fatal error in a old Patch applied on JDatabase for all Joomla < 4.0 - It is not applied on J4.x
Version 1.3.84: Improve Joomla 4.x compatibility and improve PHP 8.x compatibility PDF Print E-mail

Jms Multisite for Joomla version 1.3.84 All Editions


  • Fix some PHP Fatal error reported with PHP 8.0.
    Use PHP Reflexion to compute the syntax parameters on some functions due to PHP 8 polymorphism removed.
    Now it is mandatory to redeclare function as its parent one.
    The PHP reflexion is required due to different parameter syntax depending on the Joomla version.


  • Fix Joomla 4 compatibility concerning the Maintenance Menu.
    - Some javascript error are caused by JQuery that is removed in J4 and replaced by native Javascript
    - Fix some internal string tokenization affected by new extensions.sql files containing escaped characters for the #__finder_terms_common table
    - Fix the Joomla version detection and compatibility as the JVersion class removed the "RELEASE" member
    - Add a new Joomla extension ID detection as it is no more a constant 700. J4.0+ has replaced the 700 by a flag in the #__extension table "locked" for type='file' and 'element=joomla'

Bundled with Patches definition 1.3.75

  • Fix some PHP 8 and Joomla 4 compatiblity
Version 1.3.83: Fix PHP 7.4 and 8 compatibility PDF Print E-mail

Jms Multisite for Joomla version 1.3.83 All Editions

Fix a PHP Fatal error that is revealed with PHP 7.4 concerning the reference to a variable and also occurs in PHP 8.x

Version 1.3.82: Fix Joomla 4.2 compatiblity PDF Print E-mail

Jms Multisite for Joomla version 1.3.82 All Editions

Bundled with Patches definition 1.3.74

  • Fix a patch under Joomla 4.2 concerning the patch in the 'libraries/src/Installer/Installer.php' that has a new finger print and implementation.
Version 1.3.81: Improve Joomla 4.0 compatibility and PHP 8 compatibility PDF Print E-mail

Jms Multisite for Joomla version 1.3.81 All Editions

  • Fix save of the settings when testing the JPATH_ROOT
  • Fix the "InstallComponent_j16" under Joomla 4.x to fix column list that changed in #__extensions
  • Fix some Javascript error under J4.0 in JMS / Tools and JMS / Maintenance
  • Replace call to Mootools or JQuery by native Javascript
  • Add PHP 8 compatibility.

Bundled with Patches definition 1.3.73

  • Fix a patch under Joomla 4.0 to "temporary" remove the JMS InstallerOverwrite to allow re-installing an extension inside a slave site without any verification.
    The InstallerOverwrite is complex under J4.x because when JMS is started, Joomla is not initialized yet and under J4.x, the Installer require that Joomla application is initialized.
    So we decided to disable this feature in JMS while we are searching for another solution to continue providing such functionality under Joomla 4.x


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