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Patches definition history V1.2.x
Patch Version 1.2.19 : Add JXtended Catalog, Labels and JomSocial plugin and modules PDF Print E-mail

In this JMS, Multisite for joomla patches definition we have added the JMS Tools (install) definitions for :

  • Glossary, googleWeather, J!Research, Job Grok Listing, JooMap, JoomDOC, JXtended Catalog, JXtended Labels, Power Slide Pro, Rquotes, Add plenty Modules and plugin present JomSocial 1.5, Add partial JomSuite.
    JomSuite is a protected application that does not allow us provide patch to allow having a specific configuration for each website.
    If customers re-install JomSuite in slave site, they are responsible to be compliant with potential license restriction published by JomSuite. The customer that use the facility to replicate JomSuite into another website is responsible for all the potential impact attached to the JomSuite license or any limitation published by JomSuite.

Add sharing definition for:

  • Glossary, JXtended Catalog, JXtended Labels
Patch version 1.2.18: add hot property modules and plugins definitions PDF Print E-mail
This jms multisite for joomla patch definition add some hot property module and plugin definitions.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 November 2009 18:24
Patch Version 1.2.17 : add patch for FrontPage SlideShow PDF Print E-mail

This jms multisite for joomla patch definition contain a patch for the front page slide show extension to allow specific configuration for each slave site and also contain the JMS tools definition for:

  • FrontPage SlideShow
  • Lyften bloggie
Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 November 2009 14:24
Patch Version 1.2.16 : Add patch for eWeather PDF Print E-mail

This jms multisite for joomla patch definition add Add a patch for eWeather and also the definition of the following extensions for the JMS tools:

  • camelcitycontent2;
  • eWeather;
  • Joomla Tags
  • Versions
Patch Version 1.2.15 : add the jomres definition PDF Print E-mail
In this jms multisite for joomla patch definition we have added the JomRes and some core DocMan modules definition

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