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Free download joomla extension
This section contain the free joomla extensions that can be downloaded.

To download an extension, you must be registered.

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This is the contribution of a customer that has translated the "Articles Sharing for JMS" in catalan language.

It only contain the catalan language files for the back-end (administration) and the front-end of the Articles Sharing.

file icon hello.ziphot!Tooltip 11/25/2008 Hits: 18711

This "hello."zip file is designed to help you test your DNS configuration when you want to share the same Joomla Installation between multiple website.
The objective of this "Hello World" is to install a file "hello.txt" on your master website and check if you can also see this file from the slave websites.
Whe you arrive to share this "hello.txt" file between multiple domain or sub-domain, this mean that Joomla Multi Sites will be able to manage those multiple website each websites independently like if they was installed in different Joomla Installation.

The "hello.zip"  file contain:

  • hello.txt : This file contain "Hello world";
  • hello.php : This file is a php script that:
    • display the text "Hello world script";
    • display the current path where it is installed
    • test if the Symbolic Links are available on your environment
      This last point is important when your different domains are located and defined into separated directories.
      In this case, the Symbolic Links could be (conditional) used to create a bridge between the master directory and the slave directory. Perhaps you will encounter permission problem to create the bridge between the master and slave directory.
    • When the slave sites is located into another directory than the master website AND the Symbolic Links is present, this script also allow to test the creation of a Symbolic Link between the Slave Site and the Master Website.
      This allows you to verify if the Joomla Multi Site Symbolic Link feature present in the version 1.1.x can be used.


If you want to see a sample of results of those scripts and therefore the expected results here are some links that you can use.
Master website URL:

Slave website URL

Notice the both Master and Slave websites display exactly the same "The current path is".
This is because the DNS share the SAME path (share the same joomla installation - share the same files and folders)

file icon Joomla htaccess securityhot!Tooltip 09/21/2013 Hits: 2552

htaccess that add security on some joomla directory to forbid the access or excluding the execution of PHP files.



@font-face { font-family: Cambria Math; } @font-face { font-family: Calibri; } @page WordSection1 {size: 612.0pt 792.0pt; margin: 70.85pt 70.85pt 70.85pt 70.85pt; } P.MsoNormal { MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt; FONT-FAMILY: "Times New Roman","serif"; FONT-SIZE: 12pt } LI.MsoNormal { MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt; FONT-FAMILY: "Times New Roman","serif"; FONT-SIZE: 12pt } DIV.MsoNormal { MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt; FONT-FAMILY: "Times New Roman","serif"; FONT-SIZE: 12pt } A:link { COLOR: #0563c1; TEXT-DECORATION: underline; mso-style-priority: 99 } SPAN.MsoHyperlink { COLOR: #0563c1; TEXT-DECORATION: underline; mso-style-priority: 99 } A:visited { COLOR: #954f72; TEXT-DECORATION: underline; mso-style-priority: 99 } SPAN.MsoHyperlinkFollowed { COLOR: #954f72; TEXT-DECORATION: underline; mso-style-priority: 99 } SPAN.EmailStyle17 { FONT-FAMILY: "Calibri","sans-serif"; COLOR: #1f497d; mso-style-type: personal-reply } .MsoChpDefault { FONT-SIZE: 10pt; mso-style-type: export-only } DIV.WordSection1 { page: WordSection1 }

Il suffit de dézipper le fichier joomla_htaccess.zip dans la racine de votre site.
Cela rajoutera des fichiers htaccess dans differents répertoires.
Les répertoires sont:
  • cache   (interdiction d'exécuter un PHP)
  • images (interdiction d'exécuter un PHP)
  • logs      (interdiction d'accéder au répertoire)
  • media   (interdiction d'exécuter un PHP)
  • tmp      (interdiction d'accéder au répertoire)
Verifiez avant de dézipper ce fichier que vous n'avez pas déjà des fichiers .htaccess dans ces répertoires afin d'éviter de les écraser.
les fichiers sont .htaccess
Le point signifie que ce sont des fichiers "cachés" et certain serveur peuvent être éventuellement configurés pour ne pas afficher les fichiers htaccess par FTP ou file manager.
Donc si vous ne les voyez pas après avoir dézipper le fichier, regardez à activer l'affichage des fichiers cachés.

file icon Meta Document Updaterhot!Tooltip 07/25/2008 Hits: 405
Plugin for Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 that allow replace the default meta generator.
This can be usefull to avoid publishing a possible sensitive information for hackers.
file icon Multi Sites Google Analyticshot!Tooltip 07/26/2008 Hits: 8919

Multi Sites Google Analytics is a free module for Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.x that allows you add into your website the Google Analystics script code.

With this joomla module, you can assign different Google Analytics Tracker Identifier (UA-0000000-0) to different domain name. You can also assign a default identifier that will be used any domain name.
This Joomla Module is very suitable when you host multiple domain name to the same Joomla website.
This module is also works with Joomla Multi Sites.

You can also select the kind of Google Analytics script type and also the location where you want to insert the script into the page.

Sample of configuration:

  • www.domain1.com=UA-0000000-1
  • www.domain2.com=UA-0000000-2
  • =UA-0000000-3 <--- Default
  • UA-0000000-3 <--- Default

Visit also the Joomla Multi Sites component that allows sharing the same joomla installation with different configuration per domain. For each domain name (host), joomla multi sites select a configuration file where it can found the corresponding database connection. This allow separate the content of each website and use the same joomla installation for multiple sites.

Version 1.0.1

Use the new Google Analytics Script

Version 1.0.2

Add compatibility with Joomla 1.6

Version 1.1.0

Add the posasibility to select the tracking type anlso the d possibility to add the code in the head section

Version 1.1.1

Add compatibility with Joomla 3.x

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