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Version 1.3.28: Emprove JMS and fix bugs present in J2.5 and 3.2 PDF Print E-mail

Jms multisite for joomla version 1.3.28

  • Emprove the JMS Tool install/uninstall to also create the "Assets" for J1.6 or higher
    Also add a DB Verification to fix the potential missing #__assets records for components.
    This can also fix the bug in Joomla discovery that does not populate the #__assets
    See bug tracker #33242
    When the assets are missing, this may cause some extension to produce a 500 Internal Server Error.
  • Emprove the JMS Tool to display the duplicate module title when they correspond to different module name.
    Also did the same for the other extensions (components, plugins, template, languages).
  • JMS Maintenance :
    - Fix the "install package" to install the latest joomla version and not use the hardcoded "Joomla download URL" value that crash under J3.2
    - Also improve the processing to allow in the future download and extract different joomla version depending on the selected value.
    The objective would be to use several master with different joomla version and allow managing the upgrade from remove environment.
    - Update the "Remove Joomla files" file of files and folders used by J3.2.
    - Avoid DB structure analysis when the DB connection fails.
    This avoid a DB fatal error that stop the analysis of the other websites.
    - Verify that the /installation directory exists to avoid displaying error message in the queue when the directory is removed.
  • Fix under J3.2, the uninstall of a joomla template from a slave site. (extension manager / manage => uninstall).
  • Add call to Multisites plugin to allow cleanup the cache in case where a new DBTable.xml would be installed.
  • Add a verification under J1.5 that the templates directory exists when searching the template available.
    This avoid warning for invalid directory.

Bundled with Patches definition 1.3.24

  • Add a patch on the "filesystem/path.php" to also check the path against the Master Path Root
  • Update JMS Tools (install) definitions for all the core extensions defined in J3.2
  • Update many extension to add modules and plugins definitions for :
    - AcyMailing
    - Admin Tools
    - Akeeba Backup
    - Community Surveys
    - EasyBlog
    - JS Jobs
    - Projectfork
    - RSForm
    - RSMediaGallery
  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - Search - Community Crosswords
    - Editor - CodeMirror
    - Payment
    - RSFeedback
    - Social Ads Layout
    - Super Login
    - Super Login Pro
    - User Activity
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