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Version 1.1.20: Add keyword {site_id} in domain and additional parameters filtering
Monday, 20 April 2009 08:43

This version include the JMS patches definition 1.1.9 that contains the patches for the SH404SEF and Alpha Content components.

Is also contains additional {site_id} keyword processing in the "domain name" list.
When there are keywords present in the "domain name" list, the "manage site" now display and use the appropriate link in the "go to site" tool tips of the site. This make the redirection easier.

We have also fixed a problem in the "website template" and the "Folders / Files" panel when the master website contain a apostrophe ( ' ) in the directory or file name.
In the previous version that has corrupted the "template" configuration files that has resulted by an empty list of website templates.
This new version save correctly the apostrophe when present in a folder or file name.

When replicating a website, the "from site" configuration.php is replicated to produce the new slave "configuration.php" file in which some fields are modified with the parameters provided in the slave site definition (table prefix, site title, ...)
Normally, the "live_site" field in the "configuration.php" must be empty.
When it is not empty, it provides the URL that must be used by the website.
In this version, we have cleared the field in the replicated "configuration.php" to avoid using a possible value that could be present in the "from site" configuration.php file. This avoid to redirect the new slave site to another URL

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