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Version 1.1.3: Add sanitisation of some fields and fix slave site update
Friday, 05 December 2008 00:00
Joomla Multi Sites perform few checks on the parameters gives and for some fields we have increased the check to avoid special characters that could results in error during the creation of a slave sites.
  • Replace getString by getCmd when reading the site ID to avoid special characters and the spaces.
    Some customer are using spaces in the name of a site id.
  • Cleanup also the site_prefix and site_alias to replace getString by getCmd for the same reason than the "id".
  • Fix also jms2winfactory to only use alphanumeric part of a site ID when computing the internal configuration class name.
    This avoid error when a site ID contain a dot (.) or a minus (-).

When creating a slave sites, some conditions may produce an error and no message was present.
We have added the message for those conditions.

  • Add more repoirting message errors during the site deployment. Save

When updating a websites, Joomla Multi Sites save it and also try to re-create the Symbolic Links attached to the slave site.
In this case, the deployment may fail when the links already exists.

  • Ignore error when updating a website and Symbolic Links are identical.
    This avoid to report error when a user update a website without updating the Symbolic Links.
    During the creating of a Symbolic Link, if it already exists with the same path, ignore the error.

In some specific scenario, it may happen that image and media folder was not present a slave site specific deployed directory.

  • Add checking when creating Symbolic Links to verify when it already exists, it they correspond to the same path.
    In this case, does not report an error when creating an Symbolic Links that already exists with the same parameters.
    Also add some error message in case of DeploySite failure.
    Add a control that Image and Media folder exists during the "special copy".
    When a slave sites is created with a deployment directory and NO DB, in this case, the image and media folder are not copied because the "to db" parameters can not be written.
    In this case, the special copy will create a Symbolic Link on the master directory.
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