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Version 1.1.13: Fix french expiration date (problem with accentuated characters)
Tuesday, 13 January 2009 00:00

French date format problem with accentuated characters

On french system, the expiration date may be wrong because the PHP date format conversion assume american format only and the accentuated character also generate problem. The fix has consist to force using internal american date format to avoid the problem.

We have also noticed a problem with the date dialog box that is displayed in the slave site to specify a date. The problem was also due to the date format used.

UNIX deployement default JPATH_BASE

When working on Unix platform, it is possible to deploy a slave site into a specific directory.
In this case, there are index.php and index2.php files that are created to redirect to the master files.

The new implementation fix a problem in the value of __FILE__ that may different depending on PHP server.
The new implementation use an eval statement to avoid change the __FILE__ variable value in aim that the Joomla JPATH_BASE is computed on based of the deployed directory instead of the master website directory.
This solve the problem on some platform that have encounter problem when they use specific image or media folders for some extension (problem reported with JCE and group path).

Update French and Spanish language files

Fix one french error message.
Add missing front end spanish message and update some back end spanish messages


  • Display the username in addition the the name of the administrator that can be used from the front-end website created.
  • Include the Patch Definition version 1.1.5 require when Articles Sharing is present.
  • Add a confirmation message box when un-installing the patches to give the opportunity to cancel the operation.
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