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Version 1.2.0 RC5: Fix dynamic DB creation and add new extension defintion for the JMS tools PDF Print E-mail
  • Disable the "check patches" installation button when JMS is administrate from a slave site.
    Normally, JMS should only be installed on the master website and should not be used from a slave site.
    The installation of the JMS patches from a slave site may have side effect on the slave site configuration.php that receive the JMS wrapper.
    This cause a PHP errors that result in the impossibility to access the slave site.
  • Add new Tools extension install definitions for K2, WATicketSystem.
    Update also the Tools installation definition to add module and plugin defintion for the extension  JomSocial, virtuemart, hwdVideoShare, JComments
    Fix a bug in the JEvents sharing definition
  • Remove some PHP 5.x warnings.
  • Add several "index.html" files into all the JMS directories to hide the directory structure.
    Mainly add an "index.html" files into the "/multisites" directory to hide the list of slave sites.
  • Fix a problem when creating the DB dynamically.
    In that case, the tables was not replicated due to a bug in processing of the return code of the DB creation.
    In fact JMS has processed a sucessfull DB creation like an error that had resulted by a stop in creation of the tables.
  • Fix mapping directory path displayed when using the deploy directory.
    Instead of displaying the "master" directory, now display the deploy directory.
    Also display the resolved domain name instead of the expression when this is possible.
  • Fix bug when process slave site creation that report an error.
    On error, call the appropriate onDeploy_Err() plugin function instead of onDeploy_OK().
    This avoid for example to redirect the user to a check-out when its websiste quota is exceeded.
  • This version is also packaged with Joomla 1.5.13 files.


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