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Version 1.2.7 : Add plenty new JMS tools definitions PDF Print E-mail

In this version, we have improved:

  • JMS patch installation to try better detect the potential files that may not be writtable
  • Add new algorithm for the Symbolic Link detection to be less sensitive to incorrect Global Setting definitions
  • When some MySQL privileges are not enabled to show the views definitions, we have not implemented an alternate algorithm that assume that the JMS templates ID refers to the place where are users are stored.
  • We have also added plenty of new extension definitions for the JMS tools.
Here it is the details of this release
  • Improve the Symbolic Link detection in the case where the Global Configuration defines "tmp" or "logs" directory that does not exists. In this case, try to use the tmp and logs directory that are probably present in the root of the website.
    The new implementation include a part of the "hello world" algorithm in case where the logs directory is not present.
  • Implement an alternate algorithm to compute the "fromUserTableName" when MySQL SHOW create VIEW is not allowed.
    In this case, use the template ID to simulate the result of the SHOW CREATE VIEW.
  • Add "is_writable" during the check of permission concerning the list or patches to install.
    The objective is to try reporting more "permission diagnosis" on potential reason of an patch installation failure.
  • Avoid to backup the JMS manifest file that maybe restored with old values in case of patch "uninstall".
  • Also binded with JMS patches definition v1.2.11 that adds a patch definition for the single sign-in to allow restoring the session data when some platform ignore them for sub-domain.
    This rescue procedure check that session data is correctly restored by the server when the Joomla session is shared.
    If the session is not restored by the server, this rescue procedure consists in rebuilding the missing session data based on the infos stored by joomla in the session table.
    Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    * Jom Comments, Simple Image Gallery Plugin, Phoca Maps, Phoca Restaurant Menu, Frontend User Access, CK Forms, JForms, RSForms!Pro, Plugin Multisite ID, Leads Capture.

    Add sharing definition for:
    * CK Forms
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