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Version 1.2.13 : Add FTP setting, copy images, rewritebase processing PDF Print E-mail

JMS multisite for joomla version 1.2.13 includes new facilites when the hosting provider require using the joomla FTP Layer.

It is now possible in the JMS templates to provide new FTP layers parameters that must be written in the new configuration.php file generated by JMS for the slave site.

This maybe helpfull to automatically update the new FTP "root path" for the slave site.

We also give the possibility to replicate (copy) the images directory even when there is no DB specified. In this case, the "images" directory name can not be modified. Just copied.
We also give the possibility to rebuild 'unzip" an "images" directory based on a predefined zip file.base on a copy (or unzip) of the image.

Mutlisite for joomla also add the possibility to perform a "RewriteBase" modification when copying the ".htaccess" or "htaccess.txt" in aim
to compute a new value when the target domain is not defined as a subdirectory of a domain or subdirectory of a subdomain.
This maybe usefull when the website that is replicated use SEF extension enable that require an "htaccess".

JMS also adds the possibility to define new FTP parameters for the "configuration.php" files create for the slave site.
This maybe usefull when using the FTP Layer and that the FTP root path is different for each websites.


Finally JMS is bundled with Patch Definition 1.2.19.

  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - Glossary, googleWeather, J!Research, Job Grok Listing, JooMap, JoomDOC, JXtended Catalog, JXtended Labels, Power Slide Pro, Rquotes, Add plenty Modules and plugin present JomSocial 1.5.
    Plus partial JomSuite membership, partial JomSuite user registration. See also limitation described in the patches definition.
  • Add sharing definition for:
    - Glossary, JXtended Catalog, JXtended Labels
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