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Version 1.2.17 : Improve "configuration.php" reading PDF Print E-mail

JMS multisite for joomla version improves:

  • the reading of "configuration.php" file and reports error message when it is invalid or can not be read by JMS.
    In previous JMS version, you could have error message like:
    Fatal error: Class 'JConfig_' not found in /administrator/components/com_multisites/libraries/joomla/jms2winfactory.php on line 104
    Now JMS detects this case of error and report a error message that help to identify which "configuration.php" is invalid.
    JMS also now can read "configuration.php" files that are not terminated by a PHP end marker (?>).
    (Case of "configuration.php" file created by fantastico).
  • Fix a javascript syntax error in the JMS tools (execute);
  • Remove a PHP 5 warning message during the slave site joomla "install" action.

Bundled with JMS Patch Definition 1.2.23.

  • Add patch for JoomlaFCKEditor to allow the image manager use the slave site image folder and no more the master image folder.
  • Add a new master "configuration.php" patch algorithm to detect double wrapper is installed.
  • The JMS Tools (install) now contains the definitions for :
    - OpenX module,
    - K2 modules.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 January 2010 15:13
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