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Version 1.2.21 : Filter port in URL when present PDF Print E-mail

Filter and ignore the port when present in a URL

When a port is present in a URL received by JMS, the domain was "ignored" event when it was present in the list of domain.
The fix consists in using the domain name when it is present as a slave.

The case where the port may be also present in a URL was reported when XMLRPC is enable.
In this case, the request can be like "http://www.slavedomain.com:80/xmlrpc/index.php".
As the port is present in the URL the request was posted on the master website instead of the "www.slavedomain.com".

To install the fix, it is required to "uninstall" the JMS patches and "re-install" the new patches present in the JMS 1.2.21.

Resolve the new FTP parameters keywords values and save result into the "slave" site "configuration.php" file

When the Joomla FTP layer is enabled, it is necessary to setup correctly the slave site FTP Root directory and perhaps the other FTP setting. It is possible to setup automatically the new FTP layer parameters that must be written into the slave site configuration.php.
This allow to automate the procedure described in the tutorial video 15.


Bundled with Patch Definition 1.2.27.

  • Modify AcyMailing patch to ignore the patch concerning the license when using a free acymailing version (starter).
  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - Community ACL,
    - JCalPro,
    - HD FLV Player,
    - Modules Anywhere,
    - pure css tooltip,
    - Shipseeker
  • Add sharing definition for:
    - JCalPro,
    - ALinkExchanger,
    - HD FLV Player
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