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Version 1.2.23 : Enhance interface with New Like and search PDF Print E-mail

Enhance the Jms Multisites interface with "New Like" and search filtering

"New like" button is used when you want to create a new slave site or template like an existing definition.
In this case, you select the slave site or template definition that you want to use when creating the "new" definition.
This maybe helpfull when creating a Jms templates where you have to setup the "folders and files" actions.
You can re-use an existing definition that is moreless identical to the one that you want to create.

Also add in the "manage site" a search filter that allow quickly find a specific slave site definition.
This maybe usefull when you have several hundred of websites.
The search is applied on fields:

  • Site ID
  • Site name
  • Domains
  • DB host name
  • DB name
  • DB Prefix

Remove the older compatibility with Joomla < 1.5.10.

To reduce the packaging distribution we have removed from Jms multisite for joomla all the original files of joomla 1.5.9 and lower that was present in the distribution in case where the backup failed and it was not possible to retreive the original definition.
So there is no more "rescue" algorithm available in Jms to restore original joomla files in case of "uninstall" or patches installation failure.
We have considered that older Joomla < 1.5.10 was not very secured and decided to stop the distribution of rescue patches.
This does not mean that Jms will not work with older version of joomla. There is no more rescue (or backup) guarantee with older joomla versions. Up to the user perform backup themselve in case of failure with older joomla < 1.5.10.

Specific cache management

Joomla uses the "secret" field present in the "configuration.php" file to compute a cache file name.
In case where you replicate an existing website, Jms multisite uses the existing "configuration.php" file to create the new "configuration.php" file for the specific slave site.
This patch consists in generating a new "secret" value with the objective to have specific "cache" files event when sharing the same cache directory. This may be usefull for "Windows" platform that can not use the Symbolic Link and may not be able to have a specific "cache" directory.
Some extension like "JReviews" also use the "secret" value to store their own configuration file on the disk.


Bundled with Jms Multi Sites Patch Definition 1.2.30 and 1.2.29

Patch definition 1.2.30
Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :

  • DOCMan 1.5.4 modules and plugins,
  • Mutlisites Meta tag,
  • CEdit,
  • Click Head,
  • JReviews & S2Framework. Nnot guaranteed as it uses ioncube and tests were not possible
    You must consider this definition as experimental and require new fresh slave site or slave site built with JMS 1.2.23 kernel only.
    It is not possible to use JReviews on slave sites created with prior JMS version 1.2.23. The update is not working.
    With existing slave site, you may have to modify the secret word manually in the configuration.php file.

Patch Definition 1.2.29:

Add fix for the YooThemes "yoo_vox" to allow reading the appropriate multisites "params_xxxx.ini" file.
Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :

  • Frontpage SlideShow 2.x
  • Ninjaboard,
  • Ozio Gallery 2,
  • Picasa Slideshow,
  • Slimbox,
  • Very Simple Image Gallery Plugin,
  • YOOTools:
    YOOaccordion, YOOcarousel, YOOdrawer, YOOeffects, YOOgallery, YOOholidays, YOOiecheck, YOOlogin, YOOmaps, YOOscroller, YOOsearch, YOOslider, YOOsnapshots, YOOtooltip, YOOtoppanel, YOOtweet

Add partial sharing definition for :

  • AcyMailing and only VM Users.
    This definition present risks for the consistency.
    It is required that the AcyMailing plugins that import content (except user details) should be de-activated.
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