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Version 1.2.87: Improve front-end website creation PDF Print E-mail

Jms Multisite for joomla

In this version, we improved the front-end website creation.

  • Fix the front-end success processing to display the message.
  • Use the "error" message type when an error is reported to have the message display in red.
  • Add processing of the return code of the "OnBeforeSave" plugin to allow abort the slave site creation when an error is reported.
  • Give to the front-end the possibility to use alternative "controller" in case where front-end layout would like overwrite the JMS one.
  • Add filtering on the "toDBName" and "toPrefix" to remove all non alphanumeric characters. Just accept the underscore.
    This allow using a providing keywords containing special characters like a domain value where the dot(.) and (-) must be removed.
  • Allow the component reading of the "module" parameters when submitted by the "Create Site Module" or other module.
  • Improve the website replication when some table contain complex sharing expression.
    Add a new parser to analyze the expression.
  • Fix the checking on the DB connection to avoid using the error number of a previous call.
    Now use connected() instead of getErrorNum().
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