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Patch Version 1.2.29 : Add YOOTools definitions PDF Print E-mail

YOOTools and YOO_vox definition in JMS tools definition

This JMS multisite for joomla patch definition mainly add the YOOTools definition and also patch the YOO_Vox template to allow it reading the appropriate "params.ini" file when used in a slave site. YOOTools is a product category proposed by YOOTheme

Becarefull that when you have created a slave site with separated templates directory, it is required to install the JMS patch on the Yoo_vox template before copying it. JMS does not syncrhonize files on the disk. So when the "/templates" directory is created and if this is an independent directory, you will have to apply the patch manually. It just consists in copying the file mentionned by JMS in the "check for patches". See the "yoo_vox" patch.

YOOTools definition:

YOOaccordion, YOOcarousel, YOOdrawer, YOOeffects, YOOgallery, YOOholidays, YOOiecheck, YOOlogin, YOOmaps, YOOscroller, YOOsearch, YOOslider, YOOsnapshots, YOOtooltip, YOOtoppanel, YOOtweet

Other definitions added to JMS

  • Frontpage SlideShow 2.x.
    The new version 2.x is a refactor of the version 1.x and they changed the component name.
    So a new definition to reflect the new component name is provided
  • Ninjaboard,
  • Ozio Gallery 2,
  • Picasa Slideshow,
  • Slimbox,
  • Very Simple Image Gallery Plugin

Partial Sharing added to AcyMailing

When sharing the AcyMailing, this also share ALL the VirtueMart and ALL the JomSocial and ALL the Community Builder when they are present.

The partial sharing now allow to share ALL AcyMailing and only the VirtueMart users.
This definition present risks in terms of the consistency and should only be used by advanced user and at their own risks.
When the partial sharing is used It is required that the AcyMailing plugins that import content (except user details) should be de-activated.

We strongly advise the users who would like to use the partial sharing that they test themselve the behavior before applying such configuration in production.

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