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Patch Version 1.1.9 : SH404SEF and AlhaContent comptaibility
Monday, 20 April 2009 07:55

The current patch definition add the possibilty to have specific configuration file for each slave site to the extension AlphaContent and SH404SEF.

Without this patch, the configuration is common to all the websites because it is saved on the disk.

SH404SEF re-installation procedure on a fresh slave site

Concerning SH404SEF, there is still limitations and manual work arround is required to re-install the SH404SEF on a fresh slave site.

To re-installing SH404SEF on a fresh slave site, it is required to remove or rename a system plugin preivously installed by the master website. If you don't remove the plugin, you will have an error during the installation on the slave site.
This is due to the fact that sh404sef does not allow to overwrite the plugin. There is a specific test inside the sh404sef that reject the installation when the following files are present:

  •  /plugins/system/shsef.php
  •  /plugins/system/shsef.xml

Before trying to re-install the sh404sef, you have to delete or rename manually those files to allow the sh404sef proceed to a complete installation and also install the plugin on the slave site.

Becarefull that each time you re-install the sh404sef on a slave site, this overwrite the existing "administrator/component/com_sh404sef/config/config.sef.php" file that contain the master SH404SEF configuration.

To work correctly, it is required to install the JMS patch and also to go in the master SH404SEF master website configuration to at least edit and save the configuration. By default the sh404sef has no config.sef.php data (empty) and JMS requires that a configuration data is present to install its redirection to the slave site.
Once it is saved on the master website, the sh404sef on the slave site can have its own configuration.

SH404SEF configuration limitation

All the sh404sef configration is not completly specific to each slave site.
There is still common parameters.
The common parameters concern the security parameters

  • white list
  • black list
  • user agent white list
  • user agent black list
The very advanced configuration (custom.sef.php) remain common and shared to all the sh404sef websites.
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